How do I choose a Bulk SMS provider?

What you should look for is the price of monthly plans and what that plan includes. Most of them will hide the fact that they don’t have unlimited messages in their monthly plans and that could really hurt your campaign. I know this because my company had a real headache while searching for a good provider because 90% of them didn’t offer unlimited messages.

You can’t easily identify the best or THE BEST is not existing as it is. There is many factors to be considered in comparison as detailed below.

  • Associated operators
  • Throughput – to match your requirement
  • Interface features and stability
  • MIS capacity and efficiency
  • Service and Support quality
  • Experience in business
  • And much more…
  • Of-course the pricing

To be a right Bulk SMS Service Provider, They must have the following features:

  1. Group SMS Support
  2. Unicode SMS Support
  3. API Integration Services
  4. SMS Scheduling
  5. SMPP – To ensure Faster Delivery
  6. DND Number Filtering
  7. Re seller Panel
  8. Multi Operator service
  9. Redundancy checker
  10. Live Reports
  11. Live Analytics
  12. 24/7 Customer Support

While Choosing the BULK SMS Service provider, Make sure that they offer above features , which helps you to market your product or service in an efficient way.

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